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26i4a Software Reverse Engineering Methodology For Legacy Modernization Copyright Ijaet

Microsoft Word - 22I4A Software Reverse Engineering Methodology For Legacy Modernization International Journal of Advances in Engineering Technology Sept 2011IJAET ISSN 2231-1963A Software Reverse Engineering Methodology FORLEGACY MODERNIZATIONOladipo Onaolapo Francisca1 and Anigbogu Sylvanus Okwudili21 2Department of Computer Science Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka NigeriaABSTRACTThis paper identi...

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Chapter 31 Sofware Reverse Engineering

Software Reverse Engineering 31Teodoro Cipresso Mark StampContents 31 7 5 Wintel Machine Code AntireversingExercise 68031 1 Why Learn About Software Reverse 31 7 6 Solution to the Wintel AntireversingEngineering 660 Exercise 68031 2 Reverse Engineering 31 8 Applying Antireversing Techniquesin Software Development 660 to Java Bytecode 68631 8 1 Eliminating Symbolic Information31 3 Reverse Engineeri...

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Reverse Engineering Malware

Reverse Engineering Malware Reverse Engineering MalwareLenny Zeltserwww zeltser comMay 2001Abstract This document discusses tools and techniques useful For understanding innerworkings of malware such as viruses worms and trojans We describe an approach tosetting up inexpensive and flexible laboratory environment using virtual workstationsoftware such as VMware and demonstrate the process of revers...

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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering of Object Oriented Code Research Leader Bruno CaprileParticipants Alessandra Potrich and Paolo TonellaKeywords Object Oriented Programming Code Analysis Uni ed Modeling Language UMLThe Problem During maintenance the most reliable and accurate description of the actualbehaviour of a Software system is its source code However not all questions about the system canbe answered dire...

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Reverse Engineering Cheat Sheet

Reverse-Engineering Cheat Sheet Reverse Engineering CHEAT SHEETBy Lenny ZeltzerThis cheat sheet of shortcuts and tips For Reverse-Engineering malware It covers the general malwareanalysis process as well as useful tips For OllyDbg IDA Pro and other tools Feel free to customize itto your own needs My Reverse-Engineering malware course explores these and other usefultechniquesGeneral Approach1 Set u...

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