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Resistant Materials Ks4

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158 Document Ks4 Resistant Materials 2014

GCSE Resistant Materials Technology Resistant Materials Technology gives pupils the opportunity to analyse and evaluatesituations develop the ability to solve problems to communicate their solutions designand make products and then appraise their product and their own personal perfor-manceResistant Materials Technology will develop a pupil s capability through -Design - Investigation research and ...
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Boardworks Ks4 Resistant Materials Contents

Ks4 Resistant Materials contents BoardworksKS4 D T ContentsResistant Materials and ControlMetals 17 slidesThis presentation explains where metals come from andhow they are obtained It also offers information on ferrousmetals non-ferrous metals and alloys and the differentproperties these Materials have The students will also betaught the properties of other metals and what they aremost suitable fo... KS4 Contents.pdf
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D&t Resistant Materials

Subject Design Technology Resistant Materials Subject Leader Mr P BainesContentA practical course that has been designed to encourage students to be able to design and make productswith creativity and originality using a range of Materials and techniques Candidates will be enthused andchallenged by the range of practical activities Working with woods metals plastics and compositematerials along wi... Resistant Mat...t Materials.pdf
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Rm Work

Microsoft PowerPoint - Resistant Materials Post enrolment task.pptx Resistant Materials Pre Enrolment TaskProduce an A4 inspiration page Due date First Product Design lessonThe page should have a maximum of four iconic products which inspire youThe page should have a maximum of four iconic products which inspire youThe shape and form the style and combination of colours may representsomething that...
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Specialist Level Training Resistant Materials

Specialist Level Training Resistant MaterialsThis programmeOur CommitmentYou will cover specific H S hazardsin a workshop room and consider We will provide high quality trainingways in which these could be to ensure that all of the criteria forminimised You will also consider successful assessment in line withhazards with common chemicals the certification from DATA is metwhich are used within the...
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