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Lanadol25 GB Low

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Lanadol25 Gb Low

mer acceptanceof professional textile cleaning1 Potentialities and limits Successful implementation of the LANA-Improvement of the competitiveness of DOL procedure requires specific expertisetextile cleaners as compared to domestic and careful proceedings The failure ratecleaning Textiles that have a care label which allows with regard to the textiles is lower thandomestic cleaning can be treated

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260309 Gb Hand Postr

260309-Gb-Hand-Postr 260309-Gb-Hand-Postr 7 29 09 3 22 PM Page 1GERM FACT85 Of All Infections ArePicked Up With Your HandsHelp prevent the spread of germs to othersWash hands oftenWash after going to the bathroomWash before eatingWhen you can t hand wash kill germs with MicrosanThey call meBeta STREPTOCOCCI I go by the name ofGroup A I m happy to KLEBSIELLA I can causegive you a sore throat wound ...

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20130814110439 728

Gb-SFP+BD-XXXX-10S Gb-SFP BD-XXXX-10S10Gb s BIDI SFP 10km TransceiverPRODUCT FEATURESUp to 11 1Gbps Data LinksUp to 10km transmission on SMFPower dissipation 1 5W1270nm DFB laser and PIN receiver for XPBL-273396-10D1330nm DFB laser and PIN receiver for XPBL-332796-10D2-wire interface with integrated Digital Diagnostic monitoringEEPROM with Serial ID FunctionalityHot-pluggable SFP footprintComplian...

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Trebon Si Tm Gb Usa

TREBON SI TM-Gb-USA One-shot detergent for washingof heavily soiled textiles made ofcotton and blendsApplicationClassifi- Soiling g kg T Ccation oz lbs FCotton normal 7 60 70PES mixt 0 11 140-158Characteristics Cotton intensive 8 12 60 70Cotton oil 0 12-0 19 140-158Highly effective at very Low dosage PES mixt greaseThorough fast removal of particularlyWith intensive mineral oil soiling anstubborn ...

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Colorsol Gb

Microsoft Word - Colorsol-Gb.doc ColorsolPre- and post-spotting agent for all coloured stains and spot remainsColorsol solubilizes coloured stains containing natural and synthetic dyes such as lipstickballpoint pen wine mustard shoe polish ink printer s ink make up as well as dyes whichhave bled out or left marks on textilesPhysico-chemical dataConsistency homogeneous liquidFlash point 32 CpH-valu...

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