Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion
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Dodge Videolessonplans 102013

k students to watch you pick up your guitar andplace it on your lap in playing position Figure A3 Show students what it means to strum the guitargently with fingers or a pick not to pull hard onstrings etc Tell them that breaking a string is easyif we re too hard on the guitars4 Tell them that when you say Quiet Guitars theyhave to place their strumming hand over all 6strings to mute them Figure B
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er videotape cordless lavaliere microphoneActivity Description1 Visit the Scholastic Network with your students and discuss acrostic poetry and how it is made2 Now go to the SCPS Keys to Character web site Students will select a one-word character traitto use when writing their acrostic poem Poems could be written on paper which is in the shape of alarge key3 Videotape students as they read their
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