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Lessonplan Unit9

Lessonplan-Unit9 SUPERCHARGED SCIENCEUnit 9 Lightwww ScienceLearningSpace comAppropriate for GradesLesson 1 K-12 Lesson 2 K-12Duration 15-30 hours depending on how many activities you doEnergy can take one of two forms matter and light called electromagneticradiation Light is energy in the form of either a particle or a wave that cantravel through space and some kinds of matter like glass We re go...

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Lessonplan ArtifactName Katrina Foree Edel 200 Sec 9 Group B1Email Address kkforee bsu eduClassroom Teacher Merritt Grade Level 1Lesson Objective The students will construct a picture graph using different objects Iprovide and compare their graphsIN Standard Students understand symbols objects and pictures used to representnumbers up to 100 and show an understanding of fractionsIndicator1 1 10 Rep...

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2011 10 Australia Lessonplan

2011.10.Australia.Lessonplan Sydney - Stanford Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Video Conference October 2011Workshop page link http ccr stanford edu workshops 2011 10 htmlActivity Rhetorical Analysis of Texts across CulturesI 15 MinutesGetting to Know Teams in a Cross-Cultural ContextLocation Small group rooms designated by letter at http switchboard stanford eduIntroduce yourselves to your groupAbout you...

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Bible101 Lessonplan

Microsoft Word - Bible101-Lessonplan.doc Workshop Title Word of GodSession Title Bible 101Age group High SchoolMain Idea The practice of reading and interpreting the Bible is a complex process that requires discipline andtraining As Reformed Christians we rely on the words of scripture to guide us as we go about our lives andtherefore careful consideration of and reflection on those words is essen...

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Microsoft Word Lessonplan

Microsoft Word - Lessonplan.doc Caitlin RobinsonCharlotte LenzRebecca PerriganSarah DulaneyGeometry in the Real WorldGrade Level 6Lesson Topic Geometry shapes and their properties including area perimetervertices and edgesSOL Objectives6 14 The student will identify classify and describe the characteristics of planefigures describing their similarities differences and defining propertiesLesson Obj...

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