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SMI Commission Rebate Disclosure

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Smi Commission Rebate Disclosure

Commission Rebate Disclosure 880 Ouellette Ave 9th Floor Windsor ON N9A 1C7Client Information Phone 519 256-8999 Fax 519 256-9730To be submitted upon determination of the actual DSCcharges commissions paidTitle Surname First Name and InitialsCommission Rebate DefinitionCommission rebating is a practice whereby the redemptionFirst Last Name of Joint Applicant or Trustee fees DSC are reimbursed to t...

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The 411 Issue 2 June 2008

Commission Disclosure Form was incorrectly referredto as the Commission Rebate Disclosure FormUnder the IDA Advisor section the central emails indicated included IPCS as part of theemail addresses Please take note that the correct addresses areSystematicPlans ipcsecurities com and AccountTransfers ipcsecurities comIMPORTANT REGULATORY ANNOUNCEMENTEffective June 23rd 2008 significant changes to the

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2010 Disclosure Policies Staff

Microsoft Word - 2010 Disclosure policies staff.doc Date February 25 2010 for March 3rd AgendaTo LAFCO CommissionersFrom Executive OfficerSubject Disclosure PoliciesSummary State law specifies procedures whereby individuals and groupswho contribute and spend funds in support of and opposition to LAFCOproposals must disclose those activities in the same manner ascontributions and expenditures for l...

santacruzlafco.org/pages/agenda/20100303materials/2010 ...icies staff.pdf
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Ea Id 2014 Schedules Pdf

EDB Information Disclosure Templates Draft 16 Jan Commerce Commission Information Disclosure TemplateCompany Name Electricity Ashburton LimitedFor Year Ended 31 March 2014SCHEDULE 1 ANALYTICAL RATIOSThis schedule calculates expenditure revenue and service ratios from the information disclosed The disclosed ratios may vary for reasons that are company specific and as a resultmust be interpreted wit...

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Microsoft Word - report11-17.doc FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSIONOFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERALFINAL REPORTAUDIT OF THE Commission SPUBLIC Disclosure PROCESSDecember 2005AUDIT ASSIGNMENT 02-03OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERALTABLE OF CONTENTSDESCRIPTION PAGEExecutive Summary 1Background 3Objectives Scope and Methodology 6Audit DeterminationsDisclosure Differences Between PAC and Candidate Data 8Adequate Process...

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