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Cp03 Maxim Fine Fabic Msds

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Cp03 Maxim Fine Fabic Msds

Microsoft Word - CP03GL Maxim Fine FABRIC ANSI Msds.doc MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETPRODUCT NAME Maxim Fine FABRIC CP03Section 1 Product InformationProduct Name Maxim Fine FabricDistributed By Bridgepoint Systems 4282 South 590 West Salt Lake City UT 84123Company Phone Number 801-261-1282Emergency Phone Number 1-800-535-5053 InfotracPREPARED 9 3 2012Hazard Rating Zero Insignificant 1 Slight 2 Modera...

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Cp06 Maxim Advanced Msds

Microsoft Word - CP04 Maxim ADVANCED ANSI Msds.doc MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETPRODUCT NAME Maxim ADVANCED CP04SECTION 1 COMPANY AND PRODUCT IDENTIFICATIONPRODUCT NAME Maxim AdvancedMANUFACTURERBridgepoint Systems4282 W 590 WSalt Lake City UT 84123Telephone 801-261-128208 25 09EMERGENCIES 800 535-5053 InfotracNFPA HMIS Health 1 Flammability 0 Reactivity 0SECTION 2 COMPOSITION INFORMATION ON INGREDIE...

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Ap 1 Ap Fine Line Msds 10 16 09

Microsoft Word - AP-1 and AP Fine Line Msds 10 16 09.doc MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETU-MARK Inc Rev Date October 16 2009PRODUCT NAME AP Fine Line AP-1 All Purpose Ink Markers1 C H E M I C A L P R O D U C T C O M P A N Y I D E N T I F I C A T I O NProduct Identifier AP Fine Line and AP-1 All Purpose MarkersGeneral Use Marking on Most SurfacesProduct Color Black Blue Green Red VioletU-Mark Inc 102 Iow...

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UpholsteryVelvet.indd UPHOLSTERYand separate the fibers and bring back the soft feel of thevelvet Boost AllType Oxygen BleachSTEP 5 Highlights Increases soil suspensionVelvetApply Maxim Fine Fabric Protector Do not use on flocked Dissolves oilsvelvetChemicals Needed Accessories NeededINTRODUCTIONVelvet upholstery can be made from several types of fibersAvenge Fabric Pre-spray Brass Velvet BrushThe...

cleanwiki.com/resources/Cleaning & Restoration Technica...ning/Velvet.pdf
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A00476-Msds-0697.Pdf MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETThis Msds complies with OSHA S Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910 1200 and OSHA Form 174IDENTITY AND MANUFACTURER S INFORMATIONNFPA Rating Health-1 Flammability-2 Reactivity-0 Special-B HMIS Rating Health-1 Flammability-2 Reactivity-0 Personal Protection-BManufacturer s Name AMREP INC DOT Hazard Classification ORM-DAddress 990 Industrial Park D...

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