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Tobacco Hurts Employers

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Actiontoquit State Grantee Summary Iowa

2011 ActionToQuit State Grantee Project Summary State IowaProject Title Investing in Iowa Leveraging Opportunities to Increase Access toComprehensive Tobacco CessationName of Lead Organization Iowa Tobacco Prevention AlliancePartnering Organizations Iowa Department of Public Health Division ofTobacco Use Prevention and Control American Lung AssociationAudience System Iowa s 15 largest Employers in...

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Working On Wellness Kick Off Memo

giveemployees opportunities to be physically active eat health foods and live Tobacco free Employers and theiremployees can both benefit from such programsWHAT FMH IS DOING TO KICK-OFF WELLNESSIn order to jump start our WOW Program the Wellness Committee will be distributing therabandsto each department with an index card that has some suggested exercises using the therabandsThese exercises can b

fairfieldmemorial.org/sites/default/files/Working on We...ck off memo.pdf
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Tobacco Hurts Employers

Microsoft Word - How Tobacco Use Hurts an Employer1.docx How Tobacco Use Hurts an Employer s Bottom LineWhat is the single most cost effective health benefit you can provide to your employeesTobacco use cessation interventions iTobacco use results in huge costs to the nation as a whole and The federal Patient Protection andto Employers in particular The estimated costs to the healthAffordable Care...

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Quitline Employee Smoking Costs Employers Final Pdf Sfvrsn 2

Microsoft Word - QuitlineEmployee Smoking Costs Employers.final.docx Employee Smoking Costs EmployersProviding Cessation Treatment Saves MoneyTobacco use is costly to Employers however offering employees a cessation benefit counseling and medication willresult in a positive return-on-investment ROI within the first year The following calculations can assist Employers inassessing the cost of employ...

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Fall 2011 Tobacco Free Times

Tobacco-Free Times California Smokers Helpline 1-800- NO-BUTTSwww humanresponsenetwork org anti-Tobacco Fall 2011Changes to Medi-Cal Free Nicotine PatchesMakes it Easier to Quit from theBeginning on July 1CA Smokers Helpline2011 Medi-Cal began For a limited time the California Smokerscovering the popular Helpline is sending free nicotine patches toquit smoking medication callers from Trinity Count...

humanresponsenetwork.org/SIB/files/Fall 2011 Tobacco Fr... Free Times.pdf
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