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sodium silicate deterioration impactorganic bindersFTroweled coating Ceilings walls 1-95 1935-1978 Portland cement Friable Water damagesodium silicate deterioration impactAsbestos-cement sheet Near heat sources 20-50 1930-present Portland cement Nonfriable Cutting sandingsuch as fireplaces scrapingboilersSpackle Walls ceilings 3-5 1930-1978 Starch casein Fdable Cutting sandingsynthetic resins scra

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n and investment of securities in capital markets Much ofthe early work in financial economics dealt with determining theappropriate value of stocks Models were developed to predictthe value of a stock which was compared with its actual priceThe strategy of buying underpriced stocks and selling overpricedstocks was expected to produce returns above the general mar-ket performance Benjamin Graham a

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ms associated with notified exposures Propertydamage PD claims resulting from asbestos are not considered inthis model The approach is a policy limits analysis on a samplegroup of insuredsThe first step in developing the methodology is obtaining anunderstanding of the nature of the potential liabilities Thus ourpaper begins with a brief discussion of the significant historicaldevelopments relating

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N ZPaper Funding for Retained Workers C o m p e n s a t i o nExposures 128883INDEX CONTINUEDPageBRYAN CHARLESAAddress to New M e m b e r s - - M a y 19 1997 106COATES CLARENCESObituary 869COURET JOSIPaper Retrospective Rating 1997 Excess Loss Factors 450CRITCHLEY DOUGLASObituary 871CROSS SUSAN LPaper Measurement of Asbestos Bodily Injury Liabilities 187D ARcY STEPHEN PPaper Ratemaking A Financial

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chain model when shift-ing risk parameters over time are significant the logsof the covariances between years of data are expectedto decline linearly as the separation between years in-creasesA formula is developed and used to calculate credi-bilities from the variances and covariances When shift-ing risk parameters are significant older years receiveless credibility and as more and more years of

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